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Busko Zdrój is a spa municipality situated in South-East Poland, covering the area of 236 square kilometres (of which 13 square kilometres are occupied by the town itself). The area is inhabited by 32.5 million people, however, additionally there are about 50 thousand health resort visitors who visit the area to regain health and beauty.

The most important natural resource of the municipality, surrounded by chalk and limestone hills with gypsum deposits, is sulphur, iodine and bromine waters as well as peloid. Due to the lack of heavy industry, the area is characterized with exceptionally clean air, rich flora and unique landscapes.

A characteristic location of Busko-Zdrój makes it possible to observe the distant Świętokrzyskie Mountains and a broad valley of the Nida River (the heart of the Ponidzie region). Busko-Zdrój is often referred to as the Town of the Sun due to its lowland continental climate with the largest number of sunny days in a year.

Kielce is the closest agglomeration (situated approximately 50 kilometres from Busko-Zdrój), whereas the closest airport is situated in Kraków (approximately 140 kilometres).

In terms of foreign investments Busko-Zdrój municipality is a virgin territory. However, due to the lack of heavy industry it is an excellent area for the development of medical sector’s companies.

Local companies present in the area include: Grupa Polskie Składy Budowlane SA with the largest network of construction materials warehouse stores in Poland, “SAS” (heating boilers) and “Metal-Kop” Metalworks. “Sulphur Zdrój Exim”, a company producing medicines based on sulphur waters and peloid, is steadily growing.



The municipality of Busko-Zdrój provides education for all age groups. Except for higher education facilities, the municipality runs primary, junior and secondary schools, vocational schools as well as educational institutions for adults (vocational training facilities or a teacher training centre). Additionally, the municipality offers musical education for young students at the 1st Grade Music School. The University of the Third Age cares for educational needs of the elderly. There are also language schools, a dance school and various sports centres (boxing, football, martial arts, horse-riding and other).


Business environment institutions, non-governmental organizations

The most dynamic and active business support organization in Busho-Zdrój is a Local Action Group “Słoneczny Lider” (Sunny Leader), engaged in the preparation and implementation of the Local Development Strategy. Its main activities focus on the stimulation of rural areas’ development through raising funds for various initiatives promoting rural areas and activating their inhabitants.

Among other non-governmental organizations the following are worth mentioning: “Zdrój” Busko Abstinence Centre, “Przytulisko” Homeless Animals Care Fund, local branches of the Polish Diabetes Association, “Amazonki” Breast Cancer Survivals Club, Children Friends’ Association, Polish Scouting Association, Busko regiment, “Senior’s Club” Association, Polish Angling Association (a branch in Busko) as well as numerous sports and educational associations and other acting for the inhabitants of Busko-Zdrój Municipality.


Culture, tourism and sport

Since 1836, Busko-Zdrój has been known as a perfect destination of medical tourism, where you can treat orthopaedic and trauma disorders, rheumatism and neurological diseases as well as skin diseases. Visitors come here to regain not only health but also beauty, taking advantage of numerous wellness and spa centres. The municipality has much more to offer to tourists, especially in summer when the cultural season starts with its most renowned international event, Krystyna Jamroz Music Festival. There are also other events held in the municipality, including Folklore Meetings, Wojciech Belong Songs Festival “Niechaj zabrzmi Bukowina” and Summer with Chopin Festival. Hikers can enjoy several tourist routes focusing on literature or architecture. There is also a bicycle path and well equipped sports and recreation facilities. More information available at a recently opened Tourist Information Centre


International cooperation

Since 2003, the municipality of Busko-Zdrój has been cooperating with 6 twin towns: Chmielnik (Ukraine), Haukipudas (Finland), Specchia (Italy), Steinheim (Germany), Sveti Matrin na Muri (Croatia) and Szigetszentmiklós (Hungary).

The strongest relations are maintained with two partners, namely Ukrainian Chmielnik, with which Busko-Zdrój realises numerous spa projects, students exchange programs as well as cultural and economic undertakings, and with Hungarian Szigetszentmiklós, actively promoting the ideas of town twinning and intercultural communication through joint artistic, culinary or sports events. The three towns are currently initiating a joint cooperation in the field of music education for children and young students.

Currently Busko-Zdrój is looking for partners from English, French and German speaking countries, as well as from the Visegrád Group (Slovakia and the Czech Republic) in order to develop projects aimed at young people.

The most important completed project financed under European funds was a “SSBSS Long-term Twin Towns Project” for the years 2009-2010, financed under the EC tender “Europe for Citizens” (EUR 108,734.67/measure 1.2). The town of Steinheim was the project’s coordinator while other participants included the towns of Specchia, Busko-Zdrój, Sveti Martin na Muri and Szigetszentmiklós (the first letters of which give the name of the project).

The most significant projects realized under domestic funds include workshops for local authorities of Chmielnik in 2008 on how to obtain external funds, workshops in 2009-2010 (“Local Finances in Poland – the example of Busko-Zdrój municipality. Parts I and II” co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PLN 34,279.05 and 81,507.00 respectively) .

One of the most important international undertakings of Busko-Zdrój municipality is the exchange of Polish and Ukrainian students initiated in 2003, financed by the Ministry of Education or exclusively from the local budget.


Interesting facts, famous citizens

The history of Busko-Zdrój dates back to the 12th century, which is testified by the most beautiful wooden church of St. Leonard situated there. An important element which hugely contributed to the development of the town were the salt-springs. However, it was only after their health properties were discovered that the town became a popular tourist destination. Among the first renowned visitors were King Jagiełło with his wife, Jadwiga, who is regarded as the first patient of the spa resort.

The history of Busko-Zdrój boasts many famous citizens, including a famous physician Szymon Starkiewicz, the founder of “Górka” sanatorium for children, Krystyna Jamroz, an artist, or Wojciech Belon, the leader of Wolna Grupa Bukowina band. Currently, the town is associated with the late politician and MP, Konstanty Miodowicz, as well as Grzegorz Gzyl, an actor, or Liroy, a Polish rapper who was born here.


Contact persons:

Anna Makowska, coordinator of municipal international cooperation, inspector at the Department of Promotion, International Cooperation and Spa Issues of Busko-Zdrój Town Hall and Municipal Office; tel: +48 413 705 231, mobile: +48 532450358;

Klaudia Orłowicz, junior inspector at the Department of Promotion, International Cooperation and Spa Issues of Busko-Zdrój Town Hall and Municipal Office; tel: +48 413 705 209,


Useful links: Contact in Polish and English. Additionally, we cooperate with Ukrainian and Russian translators on a regular basis.

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