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The municipality of Kije is situated in the eastern part of the Nida Valley spread between the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska. The municipality of the total area of 99.26 square kilometres includes 20 villages. There are 6,955 ha of agricultural areas and 1,866 ha of forests.

The municipality’s western part, occupied by the Nida River Valley, is particularly attractive in terms of landscape and tourism. An inland delta of the Nida River is an excellent location for habitats of unique species of water plants and animals. Roads and railway lines create a particular web. There are two main national roads – north-south from Morawica to Pińczow and east-west from Jędrzejów to Chmielnik. The road communication network is also developed by numerous local and municipal roads. Additionally, there are three railway junctions: a regular railway line Kielce – Busko and Włoszczowice – Połaniec, a broad gauge line Hrubieszów – Katowice and a narrow gauge line Jędrzejów – Pińczów calling at Umianowice and currently used mostly by tourists. Forests, covering approximately 20% of the municipality’s area, have a great impact on the landscape and microclimate of the municipality.



Krzysztof Słonina – Mayor of Kije Municipality

Ryszard Kusak – Deputy Mayor of Kije Municipality


An Educational Establishment comprising 2 nursery schools, 3 primary schools and 1 junior school in Kije operates in the municipality.


Business-support organizations, NGOs

An Association for the Development of Kije Municipality was established in the municipality in 2001. Its activities are based on voluntary work of the association’s members. In 2010 the association obtained the status of a public benefit organization. Its authorities are: Sławomir Wątroba, president, Gustaw Kot, deputy president.

The association supports activities of the municipality in the fields of culture, sport, education, promotion of health and other. It participates in organizing local and regional celebrations as well as harvest festivals, hiking tours ‘Identity and Memory’, tournaments and sports games. It actively supports the organization of bank holidays and national festivals, such as the Constitution Day (May 3) or the Independence Day (November 11). The association cooperates with country women’s clubs in the organization of the Women’s Day and writers meetings.


Sports, tourism and culture

Student Folk Sports Clubs play an active role in the municipality. Among them there is a Student Sports Club in Włoszczowice, which is the only archery club in the municipality and the Pińczowki Poviat. The club was established 7 years ago and since then it has had great achievements, including a bronze medallist during Polish Championships and a participant in European Championships. The achievements show great potential of local children which should not be squandered. Archery makes young people take care of their physical fitness but also develop balance, responsibility and conscientiousness.International cooperation

International cooperation

In the years 2012 – 2014 a junior school from Kije has participated in Comenius Programme – Lifelong Learning – School Partnerships

The name of the undertaken project: ‘The Voices from the Land’

Our project partners are Turkey, Latvia, Italy, Romania and Spain.

More information about the project is available at the junior school’s website:

Implemented international projects

  1. ‘The Voices from the Land’

Within the Comenius Program project called ‘The Voices from the Land’ realized since 20 to 27 October 2012 a junior school from Kije was the host of an unusual event – a visit of the project’s participants, students and teachers from partner countries of Spain, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Latvia and special guests from the USA. As part of the project our students visited Spain and Italy whereas other visits to Romania and Latvia have been planned for 2014.

We introduced our partners to Polish and local culture, traditions and history. Foreign students lived with Polish families, which was the best way to make new friendships.

Famous people in the history of the region / city, history and interesting facts

Famous people of the municipality include priest Władysław Siarkowski (1840 – 1920), a Catholic clergyman, historian and ethnographer. His entire life was connected with the Świętokrzyska Land. Apart from ethnography, he was also interested in history and archaeology. He passionately examined changes in the local culture. Siarkowski researched parish archives, local libraries, cemeteries and churches. He discovered a pagan cemetery near Pińczów and Leszczyce.


Contact persons

Krzysztof Hynek, Self-governed Cultural Centre ‘Kasztelania’

Aneta Palińska, Educational Establishment in Kije, English language teacher

Municipal office in Kije

Kije 16

28-404 Kije


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The Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation has been created and started operating as part of the project of the same title, co-founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the public measure "The Support of Civil and Local Dimension of the Polish Foreign Policy in 2013"

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