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Kielce Poviat

The Kielce Poviat is situated in the central part of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. It occupies the area of 2,247km², which is 19.2% of the total area of the Voivodeship. The population of the poviat is 207,085 (as of 2012).

The Kielce Poviat comprises 19 municipalities, including:

  • 4 urban – rural municipalities: Bodzentyn, Chęciny, Chmialnik and Daleszyce,
  • 15 rural municipalities: Bieliny, Górno, Łagów, Łopuszno, Masłów, Miedziana Góra, Mniów, Morawica, Nowa Słupia, Piekoszów, Pierzchnica, Raków, Sitkówka Nowiny, Strawczyn and Zagnańsk.

Utilised agricultural areas constitute approximately 58% of the total area of the poviat, whereas forests and forest land about 34.3% of the total area.

Crop production is dominated by cereal-growing as well as the cultivation of potatoes and strawberries.  The main branches of animal production in the poviat are: milk , pig, cattle and poultry production.

Organic farming constitutes an excellent alternative for conventional agriculture. In the Kielce Poviat there are 119 organic farms.

The Kielce Poviat is of industrial and agricultural character, with high concentration of traditional branches of industry connected with mining and processing mineral raw materials as well as food production. The industry has developed mostly in the municipality of Sitkówka-Nowiny, which, due to a large number of plants, is considered to be one of the richest municipalities in Poland. Rich resources of various minerals facilitate the development of the production of construction materials. The poviat is divided into two distinguishable parts: the central, industrial part, situated around the city of Kielce, and the rest of the poviat, which is mostly agricultural. The southern-eastern part is a substantial base for food production, including organic food production.

The picturesquely situated poviat of Kielce is one of the most attractive tourist areas, abundant in numerous monuments of culture and nature. The largest concentrations of monuments are in the municipalities of Chęciny, Chmielnik and Daleszyce. Sacral monuments constitute the largest group of the poviat’s monuments (34 churches, 4 monasteries, 8 manor complexes and 5 palace complexes). Numerous cultural events, regularly organized by the District Governor’s Office and the municipalities, are a great attraction both for local inhabitants and visitors.

In the poviat, there are also numerous recreation water reservoirs. Water sports, such as sailing, can be practised at Chańcza and Cedzyna Lakes. What is more, Chańcza lake is an excellent place for motor-boat sports. Other lakes, which are mostly summer swimming places, attracts angling lovers.

More than 230 kilometres of bicycle paths run through the poviat, making it possible to learn about its tourist attractions.

In winter, the Kielce Poviat attracts lovers of winter sports, who can take advantage of numerous ski lifts in the towns of Bodzentyn, Górno, Daleszyce and Miedziana Góra.

International cooperation plays an important role for the Kielce Poviat. There are several cooperation agreements entered into with the county of Vogtland in Germany (the city of Plauen in Saxony) as well as the Chmielnik and Vinnytsia Regions in Ukraine. The major areas of cooperation include: education, agriculture, fire prevention, tourism, local administration, social assistance, health and environment protection.

Under the cooperation agreement with the county of Vogtland, every year the Kielce Poviat participates in the European Agriculture Fairs in Plauen, during which local artists, craftsmen and producers are promoted. Schools from both regions implement joint educational programs.

Implemented international projects:

  • ‘Start Your Future Today’ – Apprenticeship as the Key to Success

The main aim of apprenticeship abroad is to learn about European standards concerning good organization of work in Italian hotels, modern technologies and European quality standards. Another important aspect is the development of competence and vocational skills in reception work, room service or organizing accommodation for guests. Additionally, the project increases the chances of employment on regional and European work markets through obtaining certificates of acquired professional skills.

  • ‘National Identity Europe’

The main aims of the project are learning about cultural heritage of twin towns, promoting cities and regions, working  with modern communication and information technologies, improvement of foreign language skills as well as increasing students’ motivation to study foreign languages, the promotion of schools in a partner country as well as strengthening the national identity and responsibility for the region and the country.

Poviat’s Authorities:

Zdzisław Wrzałka, Kielce Poviat Staroste

Zenon Janus, Kielce Poviat Deputy Staroste

Contact persons:

Bożena Gumułka – Head of Department of Development, tel.: 41 342 17 75,

Marta Kumor – Junior Inspector, Department of Development, tel.: 41 342 10 50, , languages: English


  • Powiat kielecki SPWZ
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Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation Team
Department for Promotion, Education, Culture, Sport and Tourism
Marshal`s Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
25-502 Kielce, ul. Paderewskiego 34A
tel. 41 341 69 14
faks 41 344 36 11
The Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation has been created and started operating as part of the project of the same title, co-founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the public measure "The Support of Civil and Local Dimension of the Polish Foreign Policy in 2013"

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