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About project ,,Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation"

Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation was created as a part of the project ,,Świętokrzyska Platform of international cooperation” carried out within the public action named ,,The support of the civic and self-government dimension of the Polish foreign policy for the year 2013”and with the financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main aims of the project were to develop a communication system  between the subjects  involved in foreign initiatives and to create a tool necessary for the communication – Electronic Platform of International Cooperation of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. The project was addressed to the representatives of the self-government units, universities, business support organizations, non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions and local action groups. The project was carried out with the participation of foreign partners of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and associations of Poles from Belarus and Ukraine.

Three project meetings have been organized with the participation of 211 people, two consultation meeting with the participation of 31 people and the conference ,,Świętokrzyska Platform of international cooperation – regional model of international cooperation” with 170 participants.

All meetings have provided an opportunity to conduct a public debate on international cooperation. Broad subject area, formula of meetings and invited guests guaranteed high quality of presented information and examples of practical experiences.

Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation is available in three language versions (Polish, English and Russian). Platform currently informs  about the international cooperation of the Świętokrzyskie self-government and various units from the region. There are 4 poviats, 4 cities, 33 communes, 7 business support organizations, 4 universities,  7 culture institutions and 5 non-governmental organizations so far. Moreover, there are eight foreign partners of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship involved in this project: Region of the Central Finland, the city of Tata  (Hungary), Komarom-Esztergom Region (Hungary), Velika Gorica city (Croatia), Folkuniversitetet  (Sweden), associations of Poles from the Ukraine (Barskie Regional Cultural and Educational Association of Poles and The Vinnytsia Cultural and Educational Association of Poles) and from Belarus.

The results of the project and the range of its operation have been intensified by the radio broadcast and online coverage of the national debate conducted during the conference organized on November 12th 2013.

Those interested in joining Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation are requested  to fill in and send the declaration as well as the letter of authorization.


October 2019


International cooperation

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Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation Team
Department for Promotion, Education, Culture, Sport and Tourism
Marshal`s Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
25-502 Kielce, ul. Paderewskiego 34A
tel. 41 341 69 14
faks 41 344 36 11
The Świętokrzyska Platform of International Cooperation has been created and started operating as part of the project of the same title, co-founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the public measure "The Support of Civil and Local Dimension of the Polish Foreign Policy in 2013"

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