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Selected legislation governing the operation of local government units in Poland

International agreements:

  1. European Framework Convention on Transfrontier Cooperation between Territorial Communities or Authorities, Madrid 21st May, 1980 (Journal of Acts of 1993, no. 61, item 287),
  2. European Charter of Local Self-government, Strasbourg 15 October, 1985 (Journal of Acts no. 124, item 607), corrigendum (Journal of Acts of 2006, no. 154, item 1107).

National laws:

  1. Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 2nd April 1997 (Journal of Acts no. 78, item 483, as amended),
  2. Act of 15th September 2000 on the regulations of accession of local government units to international associations of local and regional communities (Journal of Acts no. 91, item 1009, as amended),
  3. Act of 7th November 2008 on European grouping of territorial cooperation (Journal of Acts no. 218, item 1390, as amended),
  4. Act of 9th November 2000 on repatriation (Journal of Acts of 2004, no. 53, item 532, as amended),
  5. Act of 24th July 1998 on the three-tier territorial division of the State (Journal of Acts no. 96, item 603, as amended),
  6. Act of 24th July 1998 on the entry into force of the Act on the county government, the act on local governments and the act of the government in the province (Journal of Acts no. 99, item 631),
  7. Act of 13th October 1998 - introductory provisions of the Act reforming public administration (Journal of Acts no. 133, item 872, as amended),
  8. Announcement of the President of the Council of Ministers of 29th June 2010 on the list of municipalities and counties comprising the provinces (Monitor Polski no. 48, item 654),
  9. Act of 29th January 2004 – Public Procurement Law (Journal of Acts of 2013, item 907, as amended),
  10. Act of 21st November 2008 on Local Government Employees (Journal of Acts no. 223, item 1458, as amended),
  11. Act of 10th May 1990 - Regulations implementing the Act on Local Self-Government and the Act on Local Government Employees (Journal of Acts no. 32, item 191, as amended),
  12. Act of 27th August 2009 on Public Finance (Journal of Acts of 2013, item 885, as amended),
  13. Local Government Revenue Act of 13th November 2003 (Journal of Acts of 2010, no. 80, item 526, as amended).

Selected specific provisions:

County government:

  1. Act of 5th June 1998 on county government (Journal of Acts of 2013, item 595, as amended),
  2. Council of Ministers Regulation of 7th August 1998 on the creation of districts (Journal of Laws no. 103, item 652).

The latest legislation applicable in Poland is to be found in the Internet System of Legal Acts, available at the Polish Sejm website:


September 2019


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